Many individuals believe they can't afford a lawyer – or don't believe they have enough assets to require the assistance of an attorney during the process.  To reduce the costs of divorce – and there are many outside of the legal process – many individuals opt to DIY (do it yourself) and act as their own legal counsel.

As attorneys with many years of experience, we've seen countless divorced couples who've gone that route, only to learn that the decisions they made without benefit of experienced attorneys had significant ramifications that had to be addressed later – and this time, a lawyer was required to sort through it all.  At a high cost.

We believe everyone deserves the value and benefit of legal counsel during a divorce.  Often, bringing an attorney in early in the process helps save money, as a good lawyer will advise on what's feasible, possible, and the likely best outcome given your particular situation.

We've structured our firm to deliver the high-value legal services available through ultra-expensive law firms – but with fees and costs that are accessible to working families, most with children.

Holding Down Costs – We've done that by offering a variety of services – from early case assessments and the identification of key issues that will impact your divorce – to full-service representation, with our team standing by your side throughout the process.

Most importantly, we provide an initial consultation to every potential client.  Here, you'll have the chance to ask questions, and we'll learn about you and your particular circumstance.  We'll learn more about your family, the state of the relationship between you and your spouse, and begin identifying key issues that will generate conflict – the leading source of escalating costs in a divorce or other family dispute.

With the information we gather in the initial consult, we'll develop a case plan – essentially a roadmap to your case and a fee estimate at that time.  We'll explain that case plan, what the estimate is based on, and give you our candid assessment of the likelihood of additional costs and fees you could incur.

We also work with our clients to understand that in a divorce, there are no winners and losers.  Divorce hurts everyone – and while you want a lawyer who defends, protects and preserves your rights and your financial health, you don't want a lawyer who negotiates and fights for everything.  Minimizing the conflict in a divorce to the greatest extent possible helps maintain a reasonable fee – and even more importantly, it also minimizes the emotional toll and affect on any children that might be involved.

Before you decide a lawyer is too costly or your financial situation doesn't justify a lawyer, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have children?
  2. Do you own a home?
  3. Have you built a joint retirement nest egg together?
  4. Do you have an inheritance you put in a joint savings account?
  5. Are you a primary or sole breadwinner

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to consult with at least one lawyer before initiating your divorce.  Early involvement and early assessment of the core issues and future sources of conflict in your divorce proceedings can provide significant cost savings a few months done the road and well into the future.

Schedule a consultation with us today.  It's confidential and will help us provide you with key insight into the potential costs of not only your divorce, but your financial obligations after divorce papers are signed.

Divorce Matters® is a Denver Colorado divorce attorney law firm. We provide information and services including the divorce process through the courts, division of marital property, assets as well as debts and parental rights regarding biological and adopted children.

Our highly-accomplished divorce and family law attorneys practice throughout Colorado, including:
Adams County (Arvada, Aurora, Brighton, Thornton, Westminster); Arapahoe County (Aurora, Centennial, Cherry Hills Village, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Littleton); Boulder County; Broomfield County; Denver County; Douglas County (Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Parker); Elbert County (Elizabeth, Kiowa); and Jefferson County (Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Morrison, Wheat Ridge).

Mr. Smith is a tireless advocate for his clients. I highly recommend his services. - Craig

Kathlyn makes the process as easy as possible and her laugh, cheery voice and calm presence got me through many days. I would highly recommend Kathlyn Laraway, Divorce Matters and the entire staff. - Eric

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