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When facing divorce, the seemingly never-ending legal process can take a financial and emotional toll, draining not only energy from the body, but dollars from the bank account.  There are several options available and having an attorney who is experienced in these areas is crucial.  In general, the first step in divorce is for you and your spouse to try and resolve your issues outside of court, through mediation.  However, if you aren’t able to agree on the issues, you typically have to set a hearing with the Court in order to resolve them.  Hearings before a Judge can be costly, time consuming and frustrating.

Binding arbitration is one option available to you if mediation fails. In some cases, you and your spouse may not want to have your very personal issues made a part of a public court record. Likewise, there are cases that need more immediate resolution and waiting for the Court hearing, which can take several months, isn’t possible. The private and swift nature of arbitration can be a perfect solution for some.

Why To Consider Arbitration

Arbitration is an efficient and less expensive alternative to going to court. It provides you with a way to resolve your disputes privately rather than through the very public judicial system.  Both of you must agree to arbitration. If you cannot both agree to it, arbitration cannot be ordered.  The arbiter, not a Judge, will be presented with the facts and will make a final decision.  Because this is done outside of a courtroom, it is private and can be accomplished much quicker than the regular process through court. In addition, the arbitration process allows you to present your positions in a more relaxed environment.  The arbitrator is a neutral third party decision maker who will enter an arbitration award after everything is presented.  A valid enforceable arbitration award removes the court’s ability to rule on the divorce and requires the Court to enforce the arbitration award.

There may be other issues present that will be a factor in determining whether or not your case is appropriate for arbitration. When resolving issues after your divorce is finalized, it is possible that your controlling order requires you to mediate and/or arbitrate your issues before bringing your issue before the Judge.  These many case specific factors must be looked at closely before moving forward with arbitration and, therefore, it is important that your attorney have experience with this area of the law.

Divorce Matters® is a Denver Colorado divorce attorney law firm. We provide information and services including the divorce process through the courts, division of marital property, assets as well as debts and parental rightsregarding biological and adopted children.


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