These 5 Life Events Can Lead to Divorce If You Are Unprepared

BLOG DM Past Due Child Support III of III PHOTOYou might be surprised how these five basic life events can easily go awry, and when they do, you may find a divorce on the horizon. A new baby. How can it be, though? Aren’t babies supposed to bring a family together, not tear it apart? Yes, they are. Childbirth is one of the most beautiful moments of a parent’s life. But beyond the joy of bringing new life into the
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What Does the Census Say About Divorced Women? Know Your Finances

Sad Parent with Child 20150708 203315 1According to data from the most recent census, women are shown to be disproportionately affected by divorce when it comes to finance. Compared to men, women tend to earn less money and tend to be less likely to be able to afford to live independently. Why is being single so expensive? There’s the obvious answer – two incomes are better than one. But it’s more than just income. Here are some
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Introducing the Divorce Matters Spousal Maintenance and Child Support Calculator

BLOG DM How Can Social Media Hurt My Custody Case PHOTO 20141024 194003 1Hello, readers! We have an exciting new announcement that may help you and your spouse figure out some of the logistics of your divorce, and you can access it directly from your Android or iOS device. Our law firm has published a free app, which you can find on Google Play by searching “Child Support Calculator CO” and on the App Store under the name “Divorce Matters Colorado Spousal Maintenance and
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Plumfund: The Crowdfunding Platform for Divorce

2e1ax divorcematters entry facebook divorceThere’s a crowdfunding site for everything nowadays. Kickstarter, for pretty much anything; GoFundMe for personal funding; PledgeMusic for up-and-coming bands; the ill-fated SwanLuv, which once promised to pay for your wedding on the condition that you would have to pay it back upon divorce. And now, divorce has a new crowdfunding platform, albeit more traditional than SwanLuv’s lofty intentions. Meet Plumfund. Plumfund seeks to provide a valuable service for divorcees, who
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The Truth about Marrying Young

01141240Is it a bad idea to get married young? There are many differing opinions on the subject – the term “shotgun wedding” comes to mind – but as with any other major life decision, no one can tell you whether you are ready to get married. However, you should know that marrying young could have negatives, just as much as it can have positives. Pros Sometimes, marrying young can have excellent
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Cohabitating But Not Married? It Still Pays to Plan for Your Financial Future

b2ap3 thumbnail Happy Couple 2It is becoming more and more common for couples to cohabitate without marrying. According to the Census Bureau, the rate of cohabitating couple households has tripled since 1996, and the number of cohabitating unmarried couples with children has jumped 162 percent in the same time period. Unmarried cohabitating couples have a few more financial hurdles to jump due to their unmarried status. Why? Because marriage affords over 1,000 federal benefits and
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I’m Getting Divorced. How Do I Check My Spouse’s Credit?

Upset Couple 2 20150917 193252 1If you suspect your spouse of hiding assets, you might consider looking into their personal records to try to find those assets. But before you go snooping, just know that there are certain paths that you should not dare to tread. One such example: trying to pull your spouse’s credit report. The credit report can contain a treasure trove of information that can prove to you that your spouse has been
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When It Comes to Bitcoin, It Can Be Hard to Find Hidden Marital Assets

France TPM 2We talked last week about the Panama Papers and how they show evidence of hidden assets in divorce. This week, we’d like to look at another target for hiding marital property – cryptocurrencies, of which bitcoin is the most popular. Bitcoin is a type of digital currency, created and held electronically. Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning no bank controls the value – the value is generated via computers solving mathematical problems. It’s
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Protect Your Property Investments in Divorce with 5 Simple Tips

Unfortunately, it is common for divorcees to have to downscale their real estate holdings due to the sudden loss of a second income. This slippery slope could lead to foreclosure and bankruptcy, among other negatives. This is why it is necessary to be prepared before you file for divorce. Here are five tips to help you preserve your real estate portfolio. Many property owners are faced with negative equity on their
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Is Divorce Contagious?

facebook divorceIt sounds ridiculous, the idea that a divorce, much like a cold virus, can spread from one person to another. But sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and as it turns out, some studies show that a friend getting divorced can make you that much more likely to divorce as well – up to 75 percent more likely. Why? Relax – it doesn’t work like a virus. Usually, you will only
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Can the Price of Your Wedding Predict Your Likelihood of Divorce?

01141240According to The Knot 2015 Real Weddings Study, the average price of a modern wedding is $32,000. Weddings have been getting more and more expensive, for a variety of reasons, part of it having to do with an increased desire for a unique wedding. “The larger the rock, the rockier the marriage,” as famously stated by we have no idea who. So keep that in mind if you are planning nuptials
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How the Panama Papers Help Explain Hidden Assets in Divorce

01225190What are the Panama Papers? In short, early this month, a group of journalists dropped a bombshell of a document leak, hailed by whistleblower-in-hiding Edward Snowden as the “biggest leak in the history of data journalism.” The Panama Papers, as they’ve been designated, involve a Panama-based law firm called Mossack Fonseca that has allegedly helped many of the world’s super-wealthy hide assets behind shell corporations in order to shield them from
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Can I Save Money through Collaborative Divorce?

b2ap3 thumbnail Upset Same Sex Couple fCollaboration can be much cheaper than litigation in divorce, though there are no guarantees. Cooperation over competition – it’s easy to see why one is better than the other. But how much money can you save, on average, through a collaborative divorce? It can be significant, if you play your cards right. With a collaborative divorce, you can avoid the hours upon hours of unnecessary courtroom visits. You avoid much of
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Three Money Matters That Could End a Marriage

b2ap3 thumbnail Happy Couple 2The number one predictor of divorce is contempt, whether external or internal, for your spouse. However, one other huge predictor is money. Here are three indicators regarding money that might spell doom for what could be an otherwise happy marriage. How often you have disputes about money can lead to significant stress. No matter what your income level is, disputes about money are inevitable. Maybe one person is a saver, the
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What Do I Do If My Ex is Still Using a Card with My Name?

b2ap3 thumbnail Fighting CoupleHeads up when you get divorced: if you keep your name on joint accounts, whether by accident or intentionally, you will still be held liable for debts and charges that are made on those accounts. When you are filing for divorce and getting together all of your financial records, check to see if you are a joint user or an authorized user on your spouse’s cards. If you are an authorized
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How Mortgage Loan Servicers Make Divorce Difficult

Upset Couple 2 20150917 193252 1We don’t have to tell you how mortgage loan servicers make life more difficult – that much you probably learned on your own – but you might not realize that in divorce, they can be a lot harder to work with. According to a report by the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC), thousands of homeowners across the United States find trouble saving their homes from foreclosure after inheriting the home or
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If Any of These 4 Things Are True, You Need a Prenup

b2ap3 thumbnail Happy Couple 2“But I don’t need a prenup. We love each other so much.” While that may be true, that’s not the point. “We’d always be friends, even if we got divorced. My spouse would never try to take my fortune.” You’d be surprised. If any of the following things are true about your upcoming marriage, you should definitely consider a prenuptial agreement to protect your property following divorce. You have a business
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Divorce vs. Legal Separation: Which Is Best For Me?

facebook divorceOften, couples who have filed paperwork for divorce and live separately hold themselves out publicly as being legally separated. But technically, that is not what is called legal separation in Colorado. Legal separation refers to a wholly separate marital status resulting from a decree of legal separation, whereas divorce occurs with a decree of dissolution of marriage. In practice, legal separation and divorce are very similar. Both involve severing your legal
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Divorce and Your Job – Advice for Keeping Personal and Professional Life Separate

BLOG DM How can business valuators help my divorce case PHOTONo part of divorce is easy. From the initial realization to the final decree of separation, it is easy to get lost in the emotional toil of your life change. These negative feelings might not just affect your emotionally, but professionally as well, if you don’t take steps to handle them. Here are some tips to help you focus on your career while dealing with divorce. Realize that strong emotional reactions
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Is Gray Divorce Harder on Women?

BLOGS The Dos and Donts of Divorce Parties Photo 01270966xA779BGray divorce (divorce over the age of 50) can be much more difficult than a younger divorce, depending on your financial situation. It can be easier if the couple was reasonably financially prudent throughout their time together and can divorce in an amicable fashion. But if it is contentious and money matters are a problem, there can be profound problems that affect the spouses for the rest of their lives. And
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