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There’s nothing wrong with partying it up from time to time, but one celebrity has lost her patience – Hillary Duff, the actress and musician made famous through her role as Disney’s Lizzie McGuire, has filed for divorce from her estranged husband of three years, former hockey centre Mike Comrie. The divorce filing comes soon after Duff, in an interview with a health magazine, teased a possible rekindling of the romance.
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Same-sex couples have fought a long battle for the right to marry since the Stonewall riots kicked off the gay rights movement over 40 years ago, and with the U.S. Supreme Court’s expected June federal ruling, the fight may soon be over. Law Week Colorado offered a retrospective timeline of same-sex marriage in the courts, of which we summarize pertinent parts: October 10, 1972 – the U.S. Supreme Court refused to
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Michelle Branch’s 10-year marriage is coming to an end, as the “All You Wanted” singer filed for divorce on February 9, 2015. The singer and her husband, bassist Teddy Landau, cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce, but the divorce is proceeding amicably so far (a seeming rarity among celebrity separation stories). Both musicians agree to seek joint custody of their nine-year-old daughter. How Does Colorado Handle Joint Child
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Child support seems like a reasonable, straightforward concept: the non-custodial parent contributes funds to the custodial parent to financially assist with raising their child. Anyone with children understands how expensive they are! In practice, though, the system is much more complex, particularly for low-income families. When it comes to parents receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) in Colorado, child support money does not go directly to the struggling parent. Instead,

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Paige Laurie, the granddaughter of co-founder James Walton of Wal-Mart, filed divorce papers early last year to end her marriage to Patrick Bode Dubbert, her high school sweetheart. Laurie has provided Dubbert with a luxurious lifestyle, and he is seeking $400,000 a month in spousal support (or maintenance, as it is referred to in Colorado) to pay for his rental home, furniture, personal chef, clothes, personal trainer, vacations, entertainment, personal stylist
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Sonni Pacheco, model and estranged wife of actor Jeremy Renner (best known for his roles in The Hurt Locker and as Hawkeye in Marvel’s The Avengers) is engaged in a legal battle with Renner over child custody of their 22-month-old daughter, Ava. According to Pacheco, Renner has spent little time with his young daughter, only engaging in one-on-one time at his wife’s insistence since the baby’s birth. Pacheco is asking for

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  Are you going through a divorce or have you recently separated from a significant other? Winter can be rough for those leaving relationships. All of those family holidays back to back can wear down a recent single’s psyche. And the upcoming holiday might only make it worse. It’s unavoidable – Target has had the decorations out since New Year’s, after all. Red heart balloons and passion pink stuffed animals flank
  Our state of Colorado legalized same-sex marriage in October of 2014. Civil unions, which are similar to marriage but convey no federal benefits to couples, have been available to same-sex couples in Colorado since May of 2013. When marriage was legalized, many same-sex couples already committed in civil unions rushed to the county clerk’s office to get married. These couples may have unknowingly entered into a complicated legal situation with
  If you’re a fan of reality TV, then you have probably heard of Sister Wives, a show on the network TLC (formerly known as The Learning Channel, until learning fell off the list of network television priorities,) documenting the life of the polygamist Brown family of Lehi, Utah. The show details the marriage between one man and four women; one union is legal, the rest “spiritual.” The news recently broke

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Actor Patrick Dempsey, affectionately known to Grey’s Anatomy fans as McDreamy, is divorcing his wife Jillian Fink Dempsey after 15 years of marriage. The couple has three children and no prenuptial agreement, and his wife is seeking a property settlement, spousal support and attorney fees. Dempsey has made millions throughout his long career, so this has the potential to be a contentious divorce. When questioned about the cause of the split,

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Complaining about anything and everything on social media has become an American pastime, and people’s family situations are not exempt from this. Social media can be a cathartic way to express your feelings, but it can also be a great way to present yourself in a bad light if you are thinking about filing for divorce or child custody. One of the most common ways people do this is by

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Many women are now the breadwinners of the household, and more men find themselves taking care of the house for the wife and kids. As an extreme example of disparity of wealth in relationships, diva extraordinaire Mariah Carey (net worth approximately $500 million) is divorcing husband Nick Cannon (worth a measly couple million.) She has a prenuptial agreement, but the confidentiality clause prevents us from pouring over the gossip rags to
How Can a Private Attorney Help My Case? We’ve discussed the actions you can take to collect past-due child support. In our third part of the series we will look at how private attorneys can help collect money from a delinquent parent. CSE vs. Private Attorney One of the biggest up-sides to having an attorney work on your past-due child support case is that they will be much more motivated

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“Adopting one child won’t change the world, but for that child the world will change.”  Colorado has different kinds of adoptions; however, the state does not allow birth parents and prospective adoptive parents to enter into contractual agreements to adopt a child, also known as private adoptions.  In Colorado, if it is not a familial or custodial adoption, you must go through an agency, either a county human services department
  In the first part of our series we looked at some of the ways Child Support Services (CSS) can help get payment of past-due child support in the forms of income seizure and state license suspension. Today we will look at judicial actions and other interception techniques that can be used by CSS.   Intercepts Intercepts refer to the ways CSS can collect funds that are going to the
  When it comes to child support payments, a court order will not always ensure payments are actually made. If the ordered parent does not make the payments, Colorado has services for collecting the support money owed to the custodial parent. Each state has their own means of collection, in Colorado, Child Support Services (CSS) has the authority to pursue past due payments. In this three-part series we will look

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When it comes to dividing assets during a divorce, businesses can be a complicated issue. Marital businesses are assets the court must objectively divide. If there is disagreement over what a business is worth or how to divide the martial property, the court may use a business valuator. Who can be a business valuator? Business valuators can be financial analysts, business appraisers, certified public accountants, or business brokers. William E. Smith

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    Social media has become a part of everyday life in the United States. Some people go as far as listing the intimate details of their lives; where they are, who they’re with, and especially pictures. In many cases, this has come back to hurt individuals with a court case. Your child custody case can be seriously impacted if there is evidence of behavior that would not be considered to
Child and Family Investigators (CFI) and Parental Responsibility Evaluators (PRE) are court appointed evaluators that can play a number of roles in a child custody issue. These professionals conduct an investigation of the relationship (issues like relationship history, problems, and lifestyle) and write a report making suggestions on what they believe is in the best interest of the child. The judge will read the report and recommendation before hearing the

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The divorce process is can be challenging and costly for all parties. Mediation is providing couples with an easier path through the emotional process. This guide will help you identify ways to manage the amount of stress most men experience during the divorce process. 1. Attachment Issues Immediately Following Separation. Managing stress for your family is going to take a greater toll during the initial separation. Mediation can help make

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