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You’ve probably seen it on Twitter in the last couple months – the hashtag #NannyGate. And no, it doesn’t refer to the 1993 debacle involving two of President Clinton’s Attorney General picks – it refers to the contentious divorce proceedings between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who have been married for a little over a decade. The big question surrounding the divorce, the one all of the paparazzi and gossip media
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There have been multiple articles written about the international child custody case regarding Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford, who was married to German entrepreneur Daniel Giersch and who shares joint custody of their two kids Hermés and Helena. To sum up an extremely lengthy child custody dispute, a California court ordered joint custody of the children to both parents, but primary physical custody to Giersch, who now lives in Monoco. Recently, both

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Research has indicated in the past that divorced and unmarried couples are less healthy than married ones, but according to London-based researchers, this is actually not the case. The new study, conducted at University College London, found evidence that individuals who were divorced and remarried were no more likely to suffer health problems, such as cardiovascular or respiratory disorders, than couples that stayed together. In fact, in some cases, divorce even

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You try and try, but the words just can’t come out. It’s hard to say those four awful words: “I want a divorce.” Even if you want one so bad that it hurts, it can still be difficult to tell your spouse that it’s over. The words must come out, though – so here’s how you do it. Timing is key. There is no point dragging out the process; it only
It’s back to school season, and not just for the kids! The struggles of a single parent trying to put his or herself through school are huge. There’s just never enough time in the day – you have to manage the kids, your work, your car payments, house payments, all of the bills, the divorce process if you are recently separated – we’ll stop there, you’re overwhelmed enough already!Fortunately, you are

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When navigating a divorce, there are countless wrong turns a person can make. After all, divorce is confusing, courtrooms are intimidating and legal forms are frustrating. But you need to keep a level head; don’t allow emotions or anxiety to overcome you, or you might fall victims to one of the following common divorce mistakes: Trusting that your spouse will be a fair and cooperative party in the divorce. He may

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Divorce is full of heartbreak and stress, especially when kids are involved. But even when a divorce is long since passed, there are still some words that can shatter a parent’s world. Perhaps one of the worst things a parent can hear from his or her child is that the child wants to move in with the other parent. This usually happens during adolescence. The kid always has reasons – maybe

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Kids are incredibly strong-willed, but divorce can hit them hard. Especially in younger kids, divorce is a very confusing thing and it can be hard to understand. And with all of the stresses that come from divorce, sometimes parents will miss some key signs that their kids are struggling. If you notice any of the following behaviors in your kids, you should take steps to make sure your kids are okay:

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When is it too early to start dating after you’ve decided to get a divorce? It’s different for everyone; some people take years to get over a former spouse, while others are quick to mingle with other singles once the papers have been finalized. Some even start dating other people before the divorce is final – but is this a good idea? Legally speaking, there’s little to dissuade you from moving

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One key way of reducing the potential for conflict when it comes to a child custody situation is penning a visitation schedule that works for both parents as well as the child. A stable schedule can help parents and children avoid confusion about who has custody and when. The most basic visitation schedule is the repeating cycle. For many parents, this will involve one parent having custody during the week when

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A common misconception regarding marriage and divorce is that for a couple to end a union, they must do so in the same state in which they were married. But actually, you don’t have to – you can get divorced anywhere in the country. Most divorces do get filed in the county in which the filing spouse resides, but that does not mean you can’t move to another state and get

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Careful what you do with your smartphones during divorce – according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), approximately 97 percent of members have reported an increase in the amount of evidence taken from smartphones and other wireless devices in the last few years. A lot can be gleaned from smartphones that could be relevant in a divorce case. Text messages are the most frequently used, as well as emails,

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Divorce can be full of regret. You might feel as though you could have done more to save your marriage. You might regret things you said before, during and after the divorce. You might even regret going through with the divorce. You don’t have to keep living with remorse; after all, a life full of regret is hardly a life at all. No matter how bad you feel about what was

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When your child reaches adolescence, you might find that the terms of visitation you worked out while he or she was younger no longer work in the child’s interest. If your divorce is recent and you already have teenagers, the prospect of working out a schedule that allows you, your ex and your child’s lives to balance can be daunting. When plotting a visitation schedule for teens, you have to take

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One thing that can be overlooked when preparing or undergoing a divorce is the question of who keeps the car. This can get especially heated in situations where the couple only owns one vehicle, so we’ve taken the time to field some questions about how divorce affects car ownership. Q: If the car was purchased after our marriage, who gets to keep it? A: The car is considered marital property and

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All too often, the idea of a shared event in a child’s life – for example, a birthday or a graduation – can bring anxiety to divorced parents when they realize they will have to see their exes at the occasion. No doubt you want to be present for your child’s achievement, and the child benefits from the affirmation of both parents attending. But the logistics of the visit can be

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Being the non-custodial parent can be challenging. It is a drastic change from spending your day-to-day life with your child to limited visits, and coping with this shift can be frustrating. However, just because you no longer get to spend as much time with your child does not mean you cannot still be an important part of the child’s life. There are lots of parents in your shoes, so we’ve compiled

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The emotional rollercoaster ride of divorce does not end with the signing of documents. The after-effects can be just as traumatic as the divorce itself, and one of the most tense times can be when your ex starts seeing someone else. The troubles are only magnified when children are involved, especially when your ex’s new partner is going to become a big part of the childrens’ lives. Having a new authority
If you’ve been on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a cascade of rainbow-colored profile pictures celebrating the Supreme Court ruling on the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, the case that overturned same-sex marriage bans in four states and effectively legalized marriage for same-sex couples across the United States. Colorado has already had same-sex marriage on the law books for some time, but some couples have chosen to forego marriage in favor of

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Stay-at-home moms may feel particularly vulnerable after a divorce rears its head, especially when it comes to financial decisions. Without a steady income, it can be incredibly stressful to think of the impending future following divorce. There are several methods you can utilize that can help buffer your bank account. Being a single mom is expensive, but you could seek child support and alimony (spousal support or maintenance) to keep you

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