How Can Adultery Affect Your Divorce?

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We expect that our spouses will remain faithful to us throughout our marriages. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Sadly, some spouses stray and are unfaithful to their partners. When these relationships cross the line and lead to sexual intercourse, it is considered adultery. Many couples are not able to overcome…

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Child Support and the Gig Economy

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Avoiding child support payments is nothing new, but the way people try to hide their income is new. There are tried and true methods for obtaining child support. Obtaining tax refunds, garnishing wages and bank accounts are straightforward methods that work. However, these tactics rarely work for the gig economy. The…

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When Should I Get Divorced?

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As experienced Denver divorce attorneys, one of the most common questions we hear from clients concerns the timing of their divorce. While this will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding your case, the following are ramifications you will want to consider. The Best Time of Year to Get a Divorce…

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Grandparents and Child Custody

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Certain circumstances may cause a parent to be unable or unwilling to take proper care of his or her children. When this happens, grandparents often step forward to provide the care and support their grandchildren need. However, grandparents that desire full or partial legal custody of their grandchildren may find…

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