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There are a number of ways to help you children appreciate what they have around them. In a world of text messaging, social media, and celebrity glorification, teach your children that strong character is one of the most important traits to possess. 1. Take kids to volunteerVolunteering is a great way to give back to your community while teaching your children about compassion and helping others who are less fortunate.
  Since Internet history can be easily tracked and used to further endanger your life, we highly suggest reading this post in “incognito” or “private browsing” mode, and noting how to quickly exit the page. Hopefully, the video of NFL running back Ray Rice beating his now-wife unconscious in an elevator will ignite a long-overdue conversation on the seriousness of domestic violence. Hopefully, his suspension and the resulting media storm won’t
You’ve looked each other in the eye, announced your intentions, and are now ready to formally proceed with a divorce. In the weeks to come, a judge will likely set temporary orders to establish an interim parenting plan and provisional possession of the marital home, but that won’t help you figure out who’s going to sleep in the house tonight, or the next night, or the one after that. As you

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Every parent, at one point or another, wishes child rearing came with a personalized user manual-- complete with tips for optimal performance and troubleshooting solutions. It’s no wonder, then, that some expecting couples are actually beginning to draft parenting contracts, akin to prenuptial agreements, to help them survive the overwhelming venture of raising a family. Rebecca Onion of Slate magazine recently referred to it as a “pre-pregnancy agreement,” in which

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Fathers are the bearers of great wisdom; they teach us how to throw the perfect pitch, how to torment and stick up for our siblings in equal parts, and perhaps most importantly, that “ketchup is for french fries and hamburgers. Never hot dogs.” For a little help in passing along these vital life lessons, here are nine picture books that highlight the special relationship we have with our daddies. Happy Father’s

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Divorce parties are all the rage in Iran right now, with the newly single flocking to markets for black roses, upside-down wedding cakes, and unrepentant invitation cards. Celebrating the end of a marriage with as much pomp and circumstance as the beginning is a growing trend here in the United States as well. A range of companies offer divorcees VIP blowout packages, from the “Barely Survived” to the “I Got

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Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev set a new record for the “most expensive divorce in history” this week, with a $4.5 billion settlement to his ex-wife. As we read about their Central Park penthouses and Greek islands, we found ourselves wondering about the most infamous divorce cases in Colorado’s own history. What did we discover? The name “John” really doesn’t bode well for a happily-ever-after in the Centennial State. Without further ado,
  France is renowned for its laissez-faire attitude towards extramarital affairs, but the country recently surprised everyone by declaring online flirting alone—without any physical contact-- fair grounds for divorce. Echoing President Jimmy Carter’s infamous words, the French court claimed an emotional affair was as insulting to marriage vows as a torrid love affair under the sheets. In this particular case, the wife in question set up a dating profile on an

Drina Nibbe, MAMFT, is a psychotherapist working with children, parents, and families in Centennial, Colorado. In this guest post, she draws on her extensive experience with blended families to help ensure Mother’s Day is as happy an occasion as can be. Mother’s Day is one of those Hallmark Holidays, invented for the sole purpose of selling cards. It does remind us “associates,” however, to thank moms—or the “Director of Operations,” rather—for
It’s no secret that going through a divorce affects job performance. Between long lunches to meet with your attorney, incessant phone calls to appraisers and accountants, and condensed work days to pick up and drop off the kids on time, your flux schedule alone will destroy any hopes of winning “Employee of the Month.” Add the emotional toil—the anger, the tears!—to that list of distractions, and it’s amazing you can pour

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As family lawyers, we confront a lot of questions about child support. How can I get more child support? How can I pay less? I understand Lulu needs braces, but is it really also my responsibility to finance her eighth American Girl doll? These questions swell when family situations change: one parent remarries a much wealthier person; Uncle Albert’s inheritance is passed along; or your ex-spouse wins the lottery (trust
There’s been much ado over Gwyneth Paltrow’s use of the term “conscious uncoupling” in announcing her separation from Chris Martin, but we must admit, we sort of like it. The phrase itself is borrowed from Katherine Woodward Thomas, a psychotherapist who spends 50 minutes describing it as “a proven process for lovingly completing a relationship that will leave you feeling whole and healed and at peace” in this clip. On her
It’s hard talking to your children about divorce, so why not let someone else find the right words? Grab a blanket, gather the stuffed animal friends, and snuggle in with these picture books well-suited to broaching some of the thorny issues that arise with a changing family dynamic. 1. Dinosaurs Divorce (A Guide for Changing Families) by Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown.Suitable for children 5-8 years old, this popular book covers

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  Although a recent study suggests divorce does not, fortunately, affect children too negatively in the long-term, the initial breakdown of the family unit does clearly impact their emotional and social well-being. Since Colorado courts are fully aware parents will need to deal with both the immediate aftermath of a divorce announcement and the subsequent years of co-parenting, most judges will now require a post-divorce parenting class before granting the final

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  The Aga Khan, a 77-year-old British man who is the spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslims, and his wife, a German princess and former pop singer, are finally divorced. All it took was 10 years, two courts (one in France and one in England), and a settlement of £50 million ($83.1 million). There are lots of oddities in this case: a man thought to be the direct descendent of the

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  From daycare to pediatric visits to after-school snacks, it will cost an average $241,080 for a middle-class couple to raise a child born in 2012 for 18 years. Calculated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, that figure is up almost 3 percent from 2011—and it doesn’t even include those costly four years of college. Fortunately, single parents don’t need to bear this financial responsibility alone. Whether you were legally married
  The drone of the “Get your billion back, America” commercials have likely already alerted you to the fact, but tax season is officially upon us! Things can get a little complicated if you’ve separated or divorced within the last year, so here are a few things to pay attention to when filing your paperwork: 1. Communicate with your ex-partner. It’s important that BOTH of you list the same figure for

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We’ve all dreamt of a cinematic “You had me at ‘hello’” moment kindling our own love stories, but it turns out those silver-screen storylines could spark something far more enduring than a ride off into the sunset. According to researchers at the University of Rochester, couples who regularly watch and discuss relationship-themed movies are only half as likely to end up divorced. That’s a fairly obvious conclusion given open dialogue and

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While Valentine’s Day might be a kitschy, Hallmark holiday besieged by expectations of flowers, candy, and jewelry, it can also serve as a much-needed catalyst for reviving some of the magic in your marriage. We spoke with Family and Marriage Therapist Dawn Rike from Springs of Joy, Inc., who offered these tips for catapulting the spirit of Valentine’s Day into little gestures to make your union last a lifetime: 1. You’re
  Colorado is making headlines with an experimental ballot measure that proposes mandatory marriage education before a couple may wed. The syllabus would include lessons on financial management, health issues, conflict resolution, and domestic resolution. The idea comes from a California-based group called Kids Against Divorce, who hopes to test the success of the initiative in Colorado before taking it to other states. Accordingly, they’ll need 86,105 signatures by August 4

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